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  Nepal a living museum- a tourists' Paradise.

Nepal is one of the most overlooked tourist destinations which is surprising because it offers an experience unlike any other country! With ancient temples and shrines, breathtaking landscapes of the Himalyas, ageless traditions, a beautiful culture, and frequent and exciting festivals, Nepal is a living museum of sorts and a tourist’s paradise!


Offering mental and physical rejuvenation, visitors can feast their eyes on the beautiful architecture of this holy land of Hindu gods Lord Pashupatinath, Gautam Buddha, and Lord Shiva. Nepal is the land where Hinduism and Buddhism come together in a harmonious and peaceful marriage, making way for the numerous festivals celebrated joyously.


To experience the spirit of a true Himalayan adventure, Nepal is the ideal destination. With activities available to partake in on any level of these amazing mountains, visitors can embark on wildlife safaris, mountain treks, and kayaking and rafting in the holy rivers that flow through towns. There is truly something for everyone with climactic conditions ranging from Subtropical to Arctic.


Village tours, especially during festivals, are a splendor. Experience the enduring customs and beliefs of a multitude of ethnic groups to experience firsthand the rich culture of Nepal. To walk down any street in Kathmandu is to travel through time. Shrines, temples, palaces, sculptures, and brilliant fabrics and lights all make Kathmandu Valley a living museum.


From the Pashupatinath Temple to Durbar Square, the Swayambhu Stupa to Balaju, the Bouddhanath Stupa to the Changu Narayan Temple, Dakshinkali and Chobhar and Dattatreya and Potter’s Squares, there are so many opportunities to experience the breadth of Nepali culture, the Hindu and Buddhist religions, and history and legends of the land that it can be overwhelming. Luckily, the people are friendly, inviting, and warm. For any tourist who wants the physical splendor of times past in our modern times, Nepal is one of the most ideal destinations!

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